ENULEC® Your Global Partner for innovations in Gravure Printing

ENULEC is a German company situated in Trittau not far from Hamburg. It is owned and managed by the Dettke family.

Since the 1980s, ENULEC has concentrated on the design and supply of first class electrostatic
printing assist systems and discharging systems, developing real expertise in this area. This expertise, including the skills necessary to install and service the equipment, is shared by the international team working for the company, all of whom have been with ENULEC for a great number of years. ENULEC has already supplied a great number of ESA systems to customers including member companies of the largest groups involved in the flexible packaging, cigarette package and décor printing industry.

All parts of the system are manufactured in-house

The philosophy of the company has been to design and develop products which, wherever economic, are capable of being repaired. We undertake to supply parts for the (unlimited) life of any ENULEC product sold. Where component parts cease to be commercially available, any newly sourced or designed parts or assemblies will be compatible with existing systems and capable of being retrofitted.
Our aim is to supply our customers with state-of-the-art equipment at affordable prices and to support this with customer service which is second to none. In addition to this, we offer our expertise in the field of electrostatics to all who wish to make use of it.. The company operates through a number of subsidiary businesses. Enulec Electrostatic Sagl situated in Lugano,Switzerland serves to maintain a close collaboration with leading manufacturers of gravure printing machines, whilst Enulec Americas Sales and Service Center looks after customers in the Americas. Beyond this, a worldwide sales and service network consolidates the company’s market position and ensures its closeness to its customers.

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